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July kicked off with a heatwave that brought plenty of sunshine and a well deserved break from the previous month’s rain. That’s the good news: in other news, the UK is bracing for a new Prime Minister to step into Number 10. Whether the Conservative membership chooses Boris or Jeremy, the next big focus will be on events leading up to October 31st.

On to the world of finance, which we find much more interesting. Some clever statisticians examining the British economy have discovered it’s 1.3% larger than previously thought. It’s not every day you find £26 billion!

We hope you enjoy this month’s articles – as ever, we’re at your disposal if you would like to discuss any of the content, or would like to chat about your financial planning.

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The European art museums you need to visit

You’re almost spoilt for choice when it comes to all the cultural experiences on offer in Europe. Compiling a definitive list is almost impossible, so instead we’ve settled for a few of our favourites.

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What is the open banking revolution?

Over a year and a half ago, a digital revolution introduced a new way for people to handle their money: open banking. All of a sudden at the touch of a button, you could compare household bills…

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July Market Commentary

Many of you will know the old stock market adage: ‘Sell in May and go away, and come on back on St. Leger’s Day.’

The theory was that with everyone out of London for the summer season there was little business to be done and the stock market drifted lower.

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