Happy New Year! Welcome to our first newsletter of 2019.

We hope you had a chance for some rest and relaxation over the Christmas break (although for those of you with young families, this may have been tough!).

You might be currently trying to stick to a New Year’s resolution. If you’ve lasted this far into January, you’re doing well – a quarter of resolutions fail within the first week. Actually, by managing to make your resolution a permanent change in your life, you’ll belong to the dedicated 8% minority who manage to fulfill a resolution.

One key topic that’s carried over from 2018 is Brexit, of course. As usual, we’ll be keeping you informed about this and other news throughout the year. If you have any queries at any point, so please feel free to get in touch.

Kind regards,

Sue Swain

New year, new you for your finances

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Inheritance Tax – Could there be a better alternative?

Inheritance tax is enormously unpopular to say the least. A YouGov poll found that 59% of the public deemed it unfair, making it the least popular of Britain’s 11 major taxes.

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January Market Commentary

A quiet wind down to Christmas? Everyone leaving their offices early and not much happening in the second half of the month?

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