Welcome to our October newsletter of 2019.

October is the month when Christopher Columbus discovered Cuba in 1492. It’s also the month when the first hot air balloon took flight in Annonay, France, back in 1783, marking the first ever recorded feat of aviation.

Forward to today, and headlines are reporting a global climate change movement, headed by the young activist Greta Thunberg… how times have changed since Columbus first set sail!

As October nears an end, Brexit is enveloping our news channels and we’re left wondering if the inhabitants of Number 10 have had much sleep lately. In the meantime, we’ve got more content to top up your reading list, and don’t worry – it doesn’t include the 115 page Withdrawal Agreement Bill!

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Sue Swain

Marshmallows and financial planning

The Stanford marshmallow experiment is one of the most famous pieces of social science research out there. It has arguably influenced the way that many people live their lives…

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Would more people actually like to retire a little later?

This may seem a surprising suggestion. Surely most people are eagerly looking forward to early retirement, not thinking about postponing it?

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October Market Commentary

What goes down immediately comes back up? If only saving and investing were that simple…

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