Welcome to our April Newsletter.

Easter is upon us! To celebrate, here are not one but two fun facts about the holiday. First, the art of painting eggs originates from Ukraine and is called pysanka. Second, the tallest chocolate Easter egg ever was made in Italy in 2011; at 34 feet tall and weighing 7.2 tons, that’s taller than a giraffe and heavier than an elephant!

In money and finance news, the ONS reports UK unemployment is at its lowest in 44 years at 3.9%, average house prices have increased at their slowest annual pace in nearly six years (year to January 2019), and 1.5 million jobs are reportedly at risk from automation. On the ongoing Brexit saga, drama in parliament will surely inspire the next big Netflix docu-series.

Meanwhile, let’s all enjoy the Spring, paint some eggs, and eat some chocolate… though maybe not a whole 7.2 ton egg.

We hope you enjoy this month’s content.

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Sue Swain

Is it time to cut out the jargon from pensions?

People simply aren’t saving enough into their pension funds. Despite the relative success of the auto-enrolment rollout and the increase of minimum contributions from 5% to 8%, there’s still a culture of misunderstanding surrounding pensions.

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How safe are your savings?

With your capital tucked away in savings accounts, investments and mortgages, you’d assume that there is some kind of protection in place. But exactly how safe are your savings in the event of, for example, an authorised financial services firm going bust?

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April Market Commentary

We have commented before on the difficulty of ‘hitting a moving target.’ Sometimes in writing this commentary you run the risk of what you write being overtaken by events, and that has never been more true than this month.

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