Preparing for the future you want your children to have


Most parents want their children to receive the best possible education. For some, this means the state school system until the age of 18 followed by higher education at university and for others, this means privately funded primary and secondary education followed by university.

Whichever route your child is likely to take, at some point there will be costs to pay. Currently, the majority of parents pay school fees directly from their income and, whether affordable or not, it is generally the least effective way of settling the bill. Compounding this, although paying for one child’s education can be within a family budget, difficulty often arises when there are two or more children. Overlapping years can place stress on household budgets and increase stress and worry and could result in having to take children out of their schools or universities. Effective planning to forecast and manage these costs can avoid serious problems.

Planning ahead is essential and effective at any point in time but the earlier you start the better. Spreading the cost over a longer period of time, together with careful tax planning, can make the costs of education more affordable and also increase your wealth in the longer term. It is common for both parents and grandparents to want to help with the funding of a child’s education.

We will discuss your requirements and the education path you would like your child or children to follow. An assessment of your current financial situation will be carried out, along with an assessment of the likely cost of the education, then your adviser will develop a strategy with you to provide the funding needed at the time it is required. We will carry out regular reviews with you at least once a year to ensure that the strategy is on track.

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