Financial situations can change quickly, financial plans should be sufficiently adaptable to accommodate life-changing events.

How useful would it be to see a picture of your cashflow situation at important points in your future? Our technology allows us to present an interactive cashflow forecast for the rest of your lifetime.

Cashflow forecasts are a superb tool, producing visual “what if “ scenarios, helping clients immediately understand the impact of key decisions in the future. The outcome is often reassuring and it can transform the way you think about your financial future.

We allocate the assumptions for future inflation, interest rates, salary or pension income, together with investment returns dependent on risk profiles, and all of this builds up a forecast of the resources you will have in the future to determine any actions required to meet your needs.

This often gives clients the confidence to make important decisions about their future and gives them peace of mind that their financial resources and assets will indeed support them for their lifetime.

Of course should we identify a shortfall at any point, we work together to explore different strategies for a more rewarding financial future.