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We all insure our cars, bikes, homes, belongings, holiday travel and pets but what about our family finances? The loss or serious illness of a close family member in emotional terms is enough for most people to cope with, but it can also cause a great deal of financial stress and worry for the family. For a relatively low cost, you can insure your family finances against death, serious illness and disability, repay debts and pay tax liabilities.

There are many different types of plans and benefit structures to consider, such as deciding on whether to take a lump sum or an income. When that decision is made, where do you purchase the elements of your plan from? The internet or even supermarkets are just two of the available options. The only way to ensure you have an appropriate plan with a suitable level of cover is to seek advice from an independent financial adviser. Choosing the wrong plan or setting it up incorrectly can have serious consequences or create tax problems.

We will assess your situation and recommend appropriate insurance that suits your financial needs and we will do this in the most cost effective way to suit your budget.

All insurance may be subject to medical, lifestyle and financial underwriting which may result in an increase in cost, exclusions of certain conditions or a refusal to provide the cover.

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