Whether we are providing advice to an individual or a business, the financial planning process is the same, a simple 6 step strategy to help you achieve financial peace of mind.

  1. Establishing a client relationship
    We will clearly explain the services to be provided to you and will define your and their responsibilities within your relationship. They will explain how and when the firm will be paid and agree how long the professional relationship should last.
  2. Gathering data, objectives and goals
    We will ask for information about your financial situation and any existing plans you have and will discuss your needs and goals and your ideal timescales to achieve them. They will also discuss how you feel about various financial risks.
  3. Analysing and evaluating your financial status
    We will analyse the information gathered to assess your current situation and determine what you need to do to meet your needs and goals and will then formulate a plan for you.
  4. Presenting the plans and recommendations
    We will discuss the plan and offer recommendations that address your needs and goals and will help you understand them fully so that you can make an informed decision.
  5. Implementing the recommendations
    We will implement the recommendations for you or coordinate the process if other professionals are required to be involved such as solicitors, accountants or other specialists.
  6. Monitoring and reviews
    We will agree a review schedule with you to monitor the progress of the recommendations and make any amendments to them should your circumstances or other relevant factors change.

We offer the initial meeting at our expense; it’s about introducing ourselves, discussing your needs and how we could help you achieve your goals.

Should you then decide to instruct us to act for you, we will agree the advice charge, including how you prefer the fees to be paid at that point, before we begin our work for you.

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